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“…That we offer great discounts on tap products for students from Sunday to Tuesday

Welcome to O'Connell's Irish Bar - the premier Irish Bar in the City of Tampere, Finland.

Come on in, kick back for a while and have a look around.

The Grapevine

Halloween Party on Thursday, the 30th

O’Connell’s is hosting a Halloween Party on Thursday, 30th of October, for all the monsters and witches out there! There will be a prize for the best costume and we hope you put in the effort and enjoy yourself in Halloween style.
Improv Team JadaJada is also doing an extra special Halloween show that night at 20:00, so it’s bound to be a fun night!
The staff has invented some horrible cocktails for the evening at special prices!
So come and be scary or at least scared!
The best costume wins a prize!

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27 Oct 14, during your after work pint!
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Tears Apart playing live on Friday!

Tears Apart will be playing live on our Magners Stage on Friday, 31st of October!

Tears Apart plays emotional soul music. The body of the band’s expression lays on 60’s – 70’s soul, but the branches are into modern electroacoustic pop. The debut album (released 4.4.2014) is a collection of original songs, where each song makes a unique atmosphere from strong emotion to smooth floating. For the love of music!

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27 Oct 14, during your after work pint!
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Coyet Ale is back on tap!

From Suomenlinnan Panimo , The Suomenlinna Brewery, which is located just a few steps away from the ferry, in a pink barracks that was built under Czars reign between years 1868-1870 in Helsinki, we get Coyet Ale on tap.

Coyet Ale has been named after the famous warrior, Henrik Gideon Coyet (1725-1774). He spent his last years at the Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland) building site and the commander of the stronghold named part of the fortress after him. In their time all of the beers made were top fermented ales and this excellent ale follows in that tradition.

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26 Oct 14, during your after work pint!

Tin Soldier's Black cider has arrived

New bottle cider from Suomenlinna Brewery has landed on our shelves!

Tin Soldier’s Black, at 7,5 % ABV, is an interesting take on dry cider as it also has some roasted barley in the mix. The result is a black cider with a white foam. Dry and fresh with a hint of blackcurrant flavour. For the true connoisseur or for when you can’t decide between a cider and a beer…

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25 Oct 14, while the bar was opening.
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BrewDog's Jack Hammer now on tap!

We now have a new beer from BrewDog on our tap!

“Press the button, go ahead. What are you waiting for? Your mama’s not coming this time. Don’t slow down. Hammer it.

Start with huge grapefruit aroma. Pile on more bitterness than the human palate (or nipple) can detect, ride the anarchy and caramel craziness and let the devastatingly bitter finish drill straight through your taste buds.

Put a bullet in the head of mediocrity, raise hell and revel in bitter craft awesomeness. This beer is the end of the line. The hopped-up, puckered mouthed extreme of craft brewing. This beer is bitter. Very bitter. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

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25 Oct 14, while the bar was opening.
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Founder's Centennial IPA back on tap!

Founder’s Centennial IPA has made it’s way back on tap:

Founder’s Centennial IPA 7,2%
Get ready to bask in the glory of the frothy head’s floral bouquet. Relish the citrus accents from the abundance of dry hopping. This one’s sweet, yet balanced. Malty undertones shake hands with the hop character for a finish that never turns too bitter.

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21 Oct 14, while the bar was opening.
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ComedyO'Connell's - Stand Up Club on Thursday!

O’Connell’s Irish Bar is proud to present: ComedyO’Connell’s!

ComedyO’Connell’s is Tampere’s only English Speaking Stand Up Club. We will be bringing both professional and amateur stand up comedians from around the globe to perform live on stage for you! And, like always, its FREE at OC’s!
It’s a brand new comedy show that combines Amateur and Professional Stand Up Comedy, Comedic Storytelling and Sketch Comedy!

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21 Oct 14, while the bar was opening.

Astrid Swan playing live on Friday!


Astrid Swan playing live on Friday, 24th of October!

Astrid Swan (Astrid Joutseno) is a Finnish singer-songwriter, whose piano based, atmospheric songs have often been compared to such great female artists as Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Laura Nyro. Astrid’s lyrics have influences from Anglo-American culture and literature and all her songs are in English. Besides the piano and keyboards she also plays guitar and clarinet. Despite her young age she’s been a professional musician for years and has already toured both Europe and America, mixed and produced her own albums, warmed up for José Gonzáles and played and sung in different bands.
Her fifth album Astrid4 comes out on October 25th.

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21 Oct 14, while the bar was opening.
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Friday 31 October 2014

Thank heavens, it's Friday!

And now it’s time to party like you mean it. O’Connell’s is just the ticket to get your weekend started off in style: Great beer. Great cheer. The best people and the nicest staff.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Saturday 01 November 2014

Party, party all the time!

That’s how Saturdays ought to be… Don’t be left out; step into O’C‘s for the best beer in a genuine Irish atmosphere that cannot be replicated! Great staff, super service, nice people and fantastic cheer! And all the football you can watch!

From: 14.00 Until: 01.30

Sunday 02 November 2014

The Real Ale Sale continues

Real ale continues it’s special discount day throughout the year when we flog the stuff for a mere €6.00 per pint. That’s real value you just can’t beat!

(and for you students: all the tap pints minus 2€ by showing your valid student card!)

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Monday 03 November 2014

Lucky Mondays!

Can’t decide what to drink?
On Mondays you can have the die decide for you!

On Mondays you can buy one throw of the die with 5€ and the number of the die determines which draught product you will be drinking!
We have 19 different products on tap and a 20-sided die. If you should get number twenty on the die you’ll get to decide which product you want.

Come and throw for your pint on Mondays!

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Tuesday 04 November 2014

Students! Get your discount today at O'C's.

School is under way and with that you students need some cold beer to get you going. Get your discounted quality beer at O’C‘s today! Yes, O’C‘s is for the students and we give you the best imported beers and ciders on tap for a 2€ discount per pint from Sunday to Tuesday!

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Wednesday 05 November 2014

The Super O'C's Pub Quiz!

Every Wednesday, our Quiz Master digs into his magic bag of trivia to pull out some of the most astonishing questions of our millenia. So, if you think you’re smart and fancy a challenge, come along and take part in our super quiz and win some super prizes.

From: 19.00 Until: 21.00

Thursday 06 November 2014

The newsletter special

When you subscribe to our newsletter, not only will you find out all about the latest and greatest in O’C‘s before anyone else, you’ll also find out what is so special about this day!

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Friday 07 November 2014

Friday ends a hard week of work and begins a hard weekend of party!

The traditional weekend starts here and what better place to kick it off than at O’C‘s. Get into the mood with some great beer and the best of cheer.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Friday 07 November 2014

Faarao & Kakspäinen Narttu playing live!

Club O’Gaea presents:

Faarao & Kakspäinen Narttu

Faarao & Kakspäinen Narttu is the power trio Pirttikangas-Käppi-Nyrhinen…
Faarao Pirttikangas aka Pekka Pirttikangas is a Kuopio based singer/songwriter in the style of ‘alternative blues and folk’. His music has Tom Waits like qualities and influences from the Balkan and Arabic moods, which combined with the rhythm of the deep south and Finnish folk, make an impressive fusion. Faarao’s rumbling strong pirate bass vocals and dark lyrics flow together with his composed and sophisticated guitar melodies.
Punk is not dead, it’s calmly leaning to the wall behind the sauna with Väinämöinen’s hat on the back of it’s head blowing smoke rings. The winners of the folk music prize of the year for their album “Vuonna ’86”, Pekko Käppi and Juhana Nyrhinen, make their own versions of Finnish punk songs with a Finnish zither, kantele, and a Finnish bowed lyre, jouhikko.

Pekko Käppi plays the ancient Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre. His music has been described like this: ‘In his hands the rough sound of weaved horsehair strings are swaying between the foul and lovely – dirty and pure. The old songs of unwritten tradition, timeless and dark stories mediates in his mouth.’ Ever since 1997 he has been studying the Jouhikko tradition with the master players of Finland, Estonia and Sweden and has been performing with different Jouhikkos in diverse ensembles, theatre productions etc.”

Juhana Nyrhinen has actively composed, played and recorded music with the Kyklooppien Sukupuutto band since 2004. The band has toured extensively from Italy to Australia to US. As a producer he excelled by recording and producing Pekko Käppi new album “Vuonna ’86”.


From: 21.30 Until: 23.00

Saturday 08 November 2014

Party right on Saturday!

O’Connell’s is the place to be on Saturday as we party right through ‘til the wee hours of the morning with the best beer and the coolest staff the planet has to offer!

From: 14.00 Until: 01.30

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