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Welcome to O'Connell's Irish Bar - the premier Irish Bar in the City of Tampere, Finland.

Come on in, kick back for a while and have a look around.

The Grapevine

New bottle beers

Sinebrychoff has launched two new beers to their Brewmasters’ collection and we have them on our shelves now.

Nikolai California steam beer
Nikolai Irish red ale

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16 Sep 14, during your after work pint!
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ComedyO'Connell's - Stand Up Club on Thursday!

O’Connell’s Irish Bar is proud to present: ComedyO’Connell’s!

ComedyO’Connell’s is Tampere’s only English Speaking Stand Up Club. We will be bringing both professional and amateur stand up comedians from around the globe to perform live on stage for you! And, like always, its FREE at OC’s!
It’s a brand new comedy show that combines Amateur and Professional Stand Up Comedy, Comedic Storytelling and Sketch Comedy!

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16 Sep 14, while the bar was opening.

Panssarijuna playing live on Friday


Panssarijuna will be playing live on our Magners stage on Friday, 19th of September.

Panssarijuna is a Helsinki based band that calls their musical style trauma blues: it combines blues, country, punk, folk and rillumarei.

In April 2013 they published their first LP, “Haistoin kerran näätää”. It got raving reviews in several music magazines, got dubbed as “The classic of modern Finnish blues” and was described as “primitive fenno-ugrian underground blues”.
“Primitiiviseksi suomalais-ugrilaiseksi undergroundbluesiksi”.
Their songs tell of the devil, rebirth and intoxicants.
“Hank Williams said that there should be at least one village idiot in a good country band. We have four” says the singer Johnny Wittu.

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16 Sep 14, while the bar was opening.
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Thor Bock now on tap!

We have now changed our Suomenlinna Brewery tap to Thor Bock.

Thor Bock, 6,0%, is a dark Bock. The aroma is of bready malts, stingy notes, caramel and toffee. The taste is smooth, malty and nutty with notes of breadiness, caramel and sweet syrup. It finishes sweet, malty and bready with some nutty notes. Quite a smooth and balanced bock, all in all.

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16 Sep 14, while the bar was opening.
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Founder's Centennial IPA now on tap!

A new beer now on tap:

Founder’s Centennial IPA 7,2%
Get ready to bask in the glory of the frothy head’s floral bouquet. Relish the citrus accents from the abundance of dry hopping. This one’s sweet, yet balanced. Malty undertones shake hands with the hop character for a finish that never turns too bitter.

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16 Sep 14, while the bar was opening.
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Oktoberfest coming soon

Frohes Oktoberfest!
O’Connell’s is joining the Oktoberfest celebrations too!
We have Paulaner Oktoberfest beer and Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen coming on to our line of taps soon.


Paulaner at 6.0 % ABV is festive, full-flavoured and ultra delicious, and is brewed specially for the most famous festival in the world.

A German brewer is only permitted to use four ingredients – no more. According to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, these are hops, malt, water and now yeast. The Paulaner master brewers only use the region’s best ingredients. The hops approved for Paulaner come from the Hallertau region of Bavaria, the yeast from its own pure culture, the precious brewing malt from the region and the purest, softest brewing water from its own two deep wells on the Nockherberg. The higher quality of the ingredients, the better the beer. The Paulaner experts therefore check everything thoroughly using their considerable experience and good noses

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15 Sep 14, while the bar was opening.
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Nopat playing live on Friday!


Nopat playing live in O’C‘s on Friday, 5th of September

This Helsinki/Turku based trio plays a kind of muted acoustic folk and spacious indiepop with a confident touch. The playing is effortless and the lyrics paint wistful pictures of mellow moments.
Nopat is releasing their new second album, ‘Valonkajoa’, on this very day, September 5th!

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04 Sep 14, during your after work pint!
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Grimbergen Rouge on tap!

With the phoenix as its symbol, Grimbergen Abbey rose up from the ashes century after century to offer a unique beer whose unexpected flavors reveal themselves with each sip.

Grimbergen Rouge 6,0%, combines the flavors of sweet strawberry, cranberry and elderberry with the spicy notes (f.e.cloves) of an authentic abbey beer. Its ruby color and creamy pinky foam renew the traditional abbey beer.

The magnificent abbey of Grimbergen is in the village of the same name, just to the north of Brussels, Belgium. The village, its streets lined with cherry trees, is today a suburb of the city. Grimbergen is one of the few surviving abbeys to have been established by the founder of an order, in this instance St Norbert (1080-1134).
Grimbergen abbey beers are known around the world for their refined taste. The first Grimbergen beer was brewed in Belgium at the Grimbergen monastery back in 1128, and the age-old brewing traditions and the authenticity of the product are monitored with singular precision to this day.

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28 Aug 14, while the bar was opening.
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Monday 22 September 2014

Throw that dice!

It’s Lucky Monday and time to take a chance.
By buying a throw on the dice for 5€ you get a pint of the draught product that the dice determine for you. There’s twenty different draught products and a 20-sided die to decide your fate…
(There’s also the Student Discounts on)

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Student Discount Days

We all know that students can sometimes struggle to make ends meet. We also know that students can be a thirsty bunch. But we also know that students can appreciate good beer. What’s O’Connell’s answer to the student population out there? We call it Student Discount Days… Get quality beer at a price that you can afford, all pints on tap minus 2€. That’s what we call value for money from Sunday to Tuesday!

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Wits as weapons on Wednesday's Quiz!

Come and see if you can outsmart your fellow competitors at O’C‘s Wednesday night pub quiz! Battle your brain with quizmaster Jay’s twenty questions on various topics! Your efforts shall not go unrewarded; There will be super prizes for the three best teams!

Quiz starts at 19.00 sharp!

From: 19.00 Until: 21.00

Thursday 25 September 2014

The Thirsty Night Club

It’s the special night for all newsletter subscribers.

Every week we publish our newsletter with a special codeword with which you can get great discounts on all draught beer, cider and food throughout the night.

Use the box above to subscribe and we’ll see you on Thursday night.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Friday 26 September 2014

The hard slog through the week is over...

Now, you can finally relax and head over to O’C‘s to have a nice quiet pint. Then you can go crazy and celebrate a good job well done with the best people in town at the best place in town: O’Connell’s Irish Bar.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Friday 26 September 2014

Gruuviasema playing live



is Tampere based band that brings their sweaty funky atmosphere to the stage with their own songs and with their own interpretations of cover songs. Their music has influences from old school roots music. Get your groove on and shake those hips!


From: 21.30 Until: 23.00

Saturday 27 September 2014

Party, party all the time!

That’s how Saturdays ought to be… Don’t be left out; step into O’C‘s for the best beer in a genuine Irish atmosphere that cannot be replicated! Great staff, super service, nice people and fantastic cheer! And all the football you can watch!

From: 14.00 Until: 01.30

Sunday 28 September 2014

The Real Ale Sale

And I think we’ve summed up the idea there in a nutshell. Real ale is on sale today and, indeed, every Sunday. Check out what’s on tap by clicking the banner to the right and drop into O’C‘s to get a pint or nine of that for just €5.00 (norm. €8.00).

(and for you students: all the taps only 5,00€ / pint by showing your valid student card!)

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Monday 29 September 2014

Take a chance!

Throw the dice for your drink!
When you can’t decide what to drink, you can always take a chance with our Lucky Mondays dice throw. Here’s how it works: you pay 5€ and throw our 20-sided die to see which of our 20 draught products you’ll be drinking… pint sized, of course!

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Students! Get your discount today at O'C's.

School is under way and with that you students need some cold beer to get you going. Get your discounted quality beer at O’C‘s today! Yes, O’C‘s is for the students and we give you the best imported beers and ciders on tap for a 2€ discount per pint from Sunday to Tuesday!

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Precious Memories

Fun in O'Connell's Album

Real Ale Situation

Lance 4,0%


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