O’Connell’s Irish Bar

O’Connell’s is an honest-to-God Irish pub

in the beating heart of Tampere. Since 1996, we have been pouring the best pints and offering lively entertainment to those thirsty for a good time.

O'Connell's Irish Bar Tampere

Live Events

  • 18.12

    Student Discount Days

    Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we discount the tap pints by 2€ for the students out there!

    Starts at: 16:00

  • 20.12

    Bilingual Pub Quiz

    Every Wednesday!

    The 3 best teams win great prizes + a raffle prize is raffled out between the rest. Questions in English & Finnish!

    Starts at: 19:00

  • 21.12

    House Party

    House Party features the two newest improv teams from The improvAcademy:

    These teams have been bringing the laughs ever since they formed in the summer, and they’re not stopping anytime soon!
    And after each team’s performance, one player from the team will jump on stage and do a duo with our very own Trent Pancy!
    It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s a house party!

    Starts at: 20:00

Big Screen Events

  • 18.12

    Everton – Swansea

    English Premiership, Football

    Starts at: 21:55

  • 19.12

    Mainz – Stuttgart

    DFB Pokal, Football


    Starts at: 19:25

  • 19.12

    Arsenal – West Ham

    EFL Cup, football


    Starts at: 21:40

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