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Welcome to O'Connell's Irish Bar - the premier Irish Bar in the City of Tampere, Finland.

Come on in, kick back for a while and have a look around.

The Grapevine

Tentacle Pillow playing live on Friday!


Tentacle Pillow is a three man band from Tampere that describes their musical style as psychedelic rock or proge with a hint of blues.
“We play the humankind and ourselves to the swamp with our psychedelic riffs and we dazzle you with our exuberant rock image.”

The band is:
Ville Salonen – Guitar & Vocals
Onni Hamard – Bass & Vocals
Lassi Valtonen – Drums

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23 Aug 14, while the bar was opening.
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Grimbergen Rouge on tap!

With the phoenix as its symbol, Grimbergen Abbey rose up from the ashes century after century to offer a unique beer whose unexpected flavors reveal themselves with each sip.

Grimbergen Rouge 6,0%, combines the flavors of sweet strawberry, cranberry and elderberry with the spicy notes (f.e.cloves) of an authentic abbey beer. Its ruby color and creamy pinky foam renew the traditional abbey beer.

The magnificent abbey of Grimbergen is in the village of the same name, just to the north of Brussels, Belgium. The village, its streets lined with cherry trees, is today a suburb of the city. Grimbergen is one of the few surviving abbeys to have been established by the founder of an order, in this instance St Norbert (1080-1134).
Grimbergen abbey beers are known around the world for their refined taste. The first Grimbergen beer was brewed in Belgium at the Grimbergen monastery back in 1128, and the age-old brewing traditions and the authenticity of the product are monitored with singular precision to this day.

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23 Aug 14, while the bar was opening.
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Mufloni Mandarina IPA now on tap!

From Beer Hunters brewery in Pori, we bring you Mandarina IPA, 5,5%, on tap:

Amber in coloured IPA with hints of marmalade, mandarin and lemon in the aroma. Tangy, hoppy and fruity taste with orange peel, grapefruit and mandarin standing out. Dry finish.

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23 Aug 14, while the bar was opening.
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Stand Up on Thursday!

ComedyO’Connell’s is Tampere’s only English Speaking Stand Up Club. We will be bringing both professional and amateur stand up comedians from around the globe to perform live on stage for you! And, like always, its FREE at OC’s!

ComedyO’Connell’s next show will kick off on Thursday, August 22nd @ 20.00!
We’ve got a great line up of 9 great comedians this month ready to take the stage! Get ready to laugh with:

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18 Aug 14, during your after work pint!

Buddha Surfers playing live on Friday!

Buddha Surfers will be playing live on Friday, 22nd of August!

Buddha Surfers plays afrobeat fused with funk, jazz and reggae. Should be a rhythm filled evening with songs performed in Wolofi, Djoola and Mandinka languages and some of the peaces will be instrumental.

The band is:
Ismaila Sané (Senegal) – percussion and vocals
Jarno Forsman – keyboards
Tommi Laine – guitar
Timo Kaaja – bass
Timi Härkönen – drums

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18 Aug 14, during your after work pint!
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BrewDog Dead Pony Club on tap!

We now have BrewDog’s Dead Pony Club on tap too!

Dead Pony Club 3,8%

This Californian Pale Ale packs a huge hoppy punch. A 21st century low amplitude, high voltage hop hit. Some people say slow is good. We believe fast is better.
Being shot from a Hoppy Howitzer beats the hell out of trotting round a submissive paddock. That’s why the internal combustion engine got mounted onto two wheels.
Screw down the throttle and listen for that dull banshee howl floating back from those malted mufflers.
Drink fast, live fast, sleep late and rip it up down empty streets.
This pale ale is chopped, tuned and ready to roll. Fuel up and hold tight, this little thoroughbred kicks like a mule.
Malts: Spring Blend, Cara and Crystal Malts
Hops: Simcoe, Citra and HBC
Twist: 3.8% but hoppy as hell

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17 Aug 14, during your after work pint!

CLUB HARHA: Close Up Magic on Thursday!

Club Harha goes close up!

Jose & Johannes , Tampere’s own modern magic duo, have started a close up magic evening in O’Connell’s Irish bar every second Thursday of the month from 8 to 10 pm.
Come sit around and Jose & Johannes will tour the bar going from table to table doing close up magic, magic that happens right in front of your eyes if not in your own hands!
Next show is now on Thursday, August 14th.

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12 Aug 14, while you had lunch and the staff had breakfast!

Ochre Room playing live on Friday!


Ochre Room plays folkrock/americana music with a sombre twist, combining southern tunes with northern melancholia. This 2010 established Tampere-based band has evoked comparisons to both the 70’s singer-songwriter artists as well as newer indie folk and alt country bands. Their first album ‘Evening Come In’ was published in October 2012 and their second album, ‘Box, Bar & Diamond’, came out in April 2014.

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12 Aug 14, while you had lunch and the staff had breakfast!
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Sunday 31 August 2014

What? Real Ale for just €5.00 per pint?!!!

Yep, it’s true and only from O’C‘s. Nature’s nectar, real ale is discounted every Sunday at the bar for one and all. Be sure you get yourself a pint or three!

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Monday 01 September 2014

Take a chance!

Throw the dice for your drink!
When you can’t decide what to drink, you can always take a chance with our Lucky Mondays dice throw. Here’s how it works: you pay 5€ and throw our 20-sided die to see which of our 20 draught products you’ll be drinking… pint sized, of course!

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Tuesday 02 September 2014

Students! Get cheap beer every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at O'C's!

While many bars offer cheap domestic beer, O’Connell’s offers the discerning student the chance to experience the world of beer by discounting all of our tap products.

Be sure to bring your valid student ID card along to avail of our discount prices.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Wednesday 03 September 2014

The Wednesday night pub quiz

The Quiz master has been at it again… having scoured the planet for useless information, he feels he is now ready to test your general knowledge with all the great worldly wise questions he holds up his sleeve.

There are great prizes to be won and the start-time is 19.00. See you there!

From: 19.00 Until: 21.00

Thursday 04 September 2014

The Thirsty Club is here!

Feeling thirsty on Thursday? Maybe a little bit peckish also? Well O’C‘s is here to help. We give all our newsletter subscribers the opportunity to drink quality beer and eat quality food all at an affordable price. Sign-up for the newsletter and receive the secret password contained in the email.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Thursday 04 September 2014

IMPROV NIGHT: JadaJada improvisational theatre!

IMPROV NIGHT; happening on the first Thursday of every Month!

Team JadaJada is here and ready to perform an over an hour show in English! They’ve had the place roaring with laughter and there’s rarely been an empty seat in the house! So come early…
All you have to do is give them an idea and they will run with it…

JadaJada Improv is Tampere’s Premier English Language Improv Team!

JadaJada is a collection of Improvisers from several of the area’s most prominent Improv teams who got together and decided to perform exclusively in English!
“We’re JadaJada: We Make Stuff Up!”


From: 20.00 Until: 22.00

Friday 05 September 2014

Thank heavens, it's Friday!

And now it’s time to party like you mean it. O’Connell’s is just the ticket to get your weekend started off in style: Great beer. Great cheer. The best people and the nicest staff.

From: 16.00 Until: 01.30

Friday 05 September 2014

Nopat playing live!



This Helsinki/Turku based trio plays a kind of muted acoustic folk and spacious indiepop with a confident touch. The playing is effortless and the lyrics paint wistful pictures of mellow moments.
Nopat is releasing their new second album, ‘Valonkajoa’, on this very day, September 5th!

Nopat is:

Henrikki Lähdesmäki
Matti Ranki
Samuli Toivonen.


From: 21.30 Until: 23.00

Saturday 06 September 2014

It's Saturday... Let's Party!

A busy day for creationists… And that’s a good enough excuse as any to drop into O’C‘s and have a party! The beer is cold and the company is warm. Let’s enjoy the time we have and make Saturday a night worth living!

From: 14.00 Until: 01.30

Sunday 07 September 2014

Real Ale is the original and the best

That’s why we decided to make it ultra cheap on Sundays: just €5.00 for a pint of this nectar from the gods. You can’t go wrong!

(and for you students: all the taps only 5,00€ / pint by showing your valid student card!)

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Monday 08 September 2014

Lucky Mondays!

Can’t decide what to drink?
On Mondays you can have the die decide for you!

On Mondays you can buy one throw of the die with 5€ and the number of the die determines which draught product you will be drinking!
We have 19 different products on tap and a 20-sided die. If you should get number twenty on the die you’ll get to decide which product you want.

Come and throw for your pint on Mondays!

From: 16.00 Until: 00.30

Precious Memories

Fun in O'Connell's Album

Real Ale Situation

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