O’Connell’s Irish Bar

O’Connell’s is an honest-to-God Irish pub

in the beating heart of Tampere. Since 1996, we have been pouring the best pints and offering lively entertainment to those thirsty for a good time.

O'Connell's Irish Bar Tampere

Live Events

  • 27.05

    The Hopinator Discount Sunday

    Every Sunday, we take our beloved hopinator and lower the prices by 2€ just for you good folk.

    Starts at: 18:00

  • 28.05

    After Work Happy Hours!

    Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 18:00 to 20:00 all tap products minus 2€/pint!

    Starts at: 18:00

  • 29.05

    Student Discount Days

    Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we discount the tap pints by 2€ for the students out there!

    Starts at: 18:00

Big Screen Events

  • 26.05

    Real Madrid – Liverpool

    UEFA Champions League, Football

    Starts at: 21:00

  • 26.05

    Aston Villa – Fulham

    EFL Championship, Football

    Starts at: 18:50

  • 27.05

    Internacional – Corinthians

    Brasilian Serie A, Football

    Starts at: 21:55

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until next St. Patrick’s Day Party