O’Connell’s Irish Bar

Feast your eyes on our lovely ciders:


Magner’s Original Cider

The original and still the best. A fresh and full-bodied Irish cider
Magner’s, 4.5%

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Cornish Orchards Gold Cider

A fine cider made using a combination of bittersweet and dessert apples to produce a medium dry cider
Cornish Orchards, 4.5%

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Original Lonkero

The traditional long drink of Finland, super grapefruit taste gives you just the refreshment you need
Sinebrychoff, 5.5%

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Magner’s Alcohol Free

A well balanced alcohol free cider with apple notes, slight fermentation backnotes and astringency. Fruity apple notes linger on the palate giving a good length.

Magner’s, 0,05%

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Magner’s Pear

100% pure pear cider, a medium sweet treat packed full of flavour
Magner’s, 4.5%

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Magner’s Berry

A crisp pear cider fused with blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries resulting in a total fruity explosion
Magner’s, 4.5%

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Court Royal Organic

A dry, sparkling, single varietal organic cider made with the Court Royal apple variety.

Dunkertons, 7,5%

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Thatchers Redstreak, part of the Cider Barn range, is a single variety cider crafted from the small and perfectly formed Somerset Redstreak apple. The best sparkling cider in the world in the recent World Cider Awards 2017. The Somerset Redstreak bittersweet apple is high in tannin and big on flavour, creating the Redstreak cider that is bold and peppery, with a spicy apple pie flavour, smooth feel and deep rich colour.

Thatchers, 8,4%

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Strong lightly sparkling.
Well here’s the Pig’s Daddy – At 7.4% not for the faint hearted. Close your eyes and savour the Somerset cider apples in this one…

Orchard Pig, 7,4%

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Medium gently sparkling.
A rich aroma of deep tannins, a mellow apple sweetness and a crisp refreshing finish.

Orchard Pig, 6%

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Cornish Orchards Vintage 2015

A connoisseur’s cider, medium dry and lightly sparkling. Created from apples selected for their soft tannins and traditional flavour. This classic cider is matured over the winter months, to bestow vintage qualities.

Cornigh Orchards, 7,2%

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Medium dry apple cider. Perfect with spicy food.
Aspall , 4.8%

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Premier Cru Cyder

The top of the line cider from the Aspall family cidery, the crisp and fresh apple cider gets its sparkle from the champagne yeast used in the fermentation process
Aspall, 7.0%

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Suffolk Draught Cyder

From the quaint family run cidery of Aspall comes this great medium dry apple cider
Aspall, 5.5%

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Old Rosie Scrumpy

A cloudy scrumpy cider, crisp, medium dry and named after the old steam engine tractor that hauled the apples in from the Westons orchards
Westons, 7.2%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Somerset Haze

A slightly cloudy apple cider with a crispy sweet finish
Thatcher’s, 4.5%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Katy Cider

Thatcher’s only use the Katy variety of apple to produce this medium dry, oak matured crispy cider
Thatcher’s, 7.4%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Green Goblin

Medium dry apple cider matured in oak for extra smoothness
Thatchers, 5%

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Wyld Wood Organic

Westons select only organically grown apples for this great medium dry cider.
Westons, 6.5%

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Henry Weston’s Vintage Reserve

Using only the best apples from their orchards, Westons mature this cider for 6 months in oak vats to get that super taste
Westons, 8.2%

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Old Crow

This outrageous sweet vintage cider will blow your tastebuds to bits. Don’t be fooled by its pale gold colour, this is one mighty mouthful of delicious strong apple flavour.

Gwynt y Ddraig, 7,4%

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Black Dragon

Welsh farmhouse blended cider with a distinctive apple bite, possibly the second best thing to come out of Wales after Tom Jones, of course!
Gwynt y Draig, 6.0%

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Tin Soldiers Hard Apple

A great cider from the Fortress of Finland down in Helsinki harbour. Dry, crisp and packing a punch
Suomelinnan Panimo, 7.5%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Tin Soldiers Apple Cider

Dry, crisp and gently matured full-bodied apple cider
Suomenlinnan Panimo, 4.7%

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A burst of cranberries gives this long drink just the thing we need!
Sinebrychoff, 5.5%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Garage Hard Ice Tea

A refreshing thirst quencher. Lemon brings edge to the taste.
Sinebrychoff, 4.6%

Olutopas | Ratebeer


Aval combines four types of apples picked exclusively in the region, giving it a crisp and citrusy taste, a delightful balance of subtle sweetness and refreshing bitterness.

Aval Cider, 6,0%

Olutopas | Ratebeer
United States

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

Medium sweet crisp apple cider
Angry Orchard, 5.0%

Olutopas | Ratebeer

Our Specialities

Live in the Hopinator:

Kona Hanalei IPA 4,5% with persimmon and passion fruit.

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