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FC O'Connell's season starts in May

It’s time stop just watching football and get out there and play!

The Puistofutis football games are starting again in May and FC O’Connell’s is always looking for fresh blood to liven up the team. If you’d like to kick the ball around in this friendly series come and join our team!
Both men and women are welcome…and it really doesn’t matter in what shape you are, it’s just for fun in the end…Cheerleaders are also welcome :)
First game of the season is on Wednesday, May 3rd 17:50 at Kiovanpuisto pitch.

You can see the scheduled games and their locations from here

More about the team in the private group on Facebook or talk to Tommi for more details…

Posted: 17 Apr 17, during your after work pint!


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