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The Grapevine

Storina feat. Fredi Lilius on Thursday!

ComedyO’Connell’s is proud to present: STORINA!

This month’s production features stories by the Finnish comedian Fredi Lilius!

Fredi will take to the stage with his Stand Up Comedy in the first half, and will then tell stories based on audience suggestions or questions in the second half!
It’s One Part Stand Up. One Part Story Telling. One Part Improv.
It’s guaranteed to be a fun night!

This 45 year old energetic comedian has travelled the world and discovered the beauty of life. Fredi is originally born in Sweden but has lived in Finland practically all his life.
He wants to put the traditional Finnish man in the spotlight and rip his ways of living apart and put them together again.

Storina is a show that combines stand up, story telling, and improvisation!
Each performance features a Special Guest Storyteller on stage who tells the audience a handful of true stories from their life.
Then, our improvisers take the topics, themes, and ideas from the story to use as a basis for their improv scenes.

Thursday 13th April
Showtime 20:00

Posted: 09 Apr 17, during your after work pint!


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