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Quiz 16th November 2005

To see the answer to any of the questions, simply select the text between the brackets that follow the question.

Kuinka monta maailman seitsem?§st?§ ihmeest?§ on viel?§ olemassa?
How many ancient wonders of the world still exist? ( 1, pyramids )

Mink?§ euroopan maan nimi on Hellas omalla kielell?§?§n? ( Kreikka )
Which European country’s name is Hellas by its own language? ( Greece )

Mik?§ on maksimipistem?§?§r?§ mink?§ voi saada 10-keilan keilailussa?
What is the maximum score in 10-pin bowling game? ( 300 )

Mihin italialaiseen kaupunkiin ovat Michelangelo, Dante ja Galilei haudattu? ( Firenze )
In which Italian city are Michelangelo, Dante and Galilei buried? ( Florence )

Mink?§ maan lippu on kuvassa?
Which country’s flag is in the picture? ( Egypt )

Mihin elokuvaan Bryan Adams teki kappaleen “Everything I do I do it for you?
For which film did Bryan Adams write ”(Everything I do) I do it for you”? ( ‘Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves’, in 1991 )

Mink?§ maalainen oli ensimm?§inen henkil??, joka kiipesi Mt. Everestille Sir E.H?
What nationality was Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb to Mount Everest? ( New Zealand, Uusi-Seelantilainen )

Mink?§ niminen on Detroitin NBA-joukkue?
What is the name of Detroit’s NBA team? ( Pistons )

Mist?§ maasta on alunperin kotoisin Tuhkimo-satu? ( Kiina )
Which country does the Cinderella fairy tale originate from? ( China )

Mink?§ niminen oli ensimm?§inen Harry Potter elokuva? ( Viisasten kivi )
What was the name of the first Harry Potter movie? ( HP & Phlisopher’s Stone )

Miss?§ maassa sijaitsee kaupunki nimelt?§ Batman?
In which country is a city named Batman located? ( Turkey )

Mik?§ oli Elviksen kaksoisveljen nimi?
What was the name of Elvis twin brother? ( Jesse died 1935 )

Kuka kenraali johti Amerikan armeijaa japania vastaan 2. maailmansodassa?
Which general was the leader of the American army against Japan in WW2? ( Douglas Macarthur, only field marshal by Philippines president )

Mill?§ nimell?§ tunnetaan paremmin l?§?§ketieteellinen termi Daltonismi? ( v?§risok. )
How is the medical term Daltonism better known? ( color blindness, John Dalton )

Mink?§ niminen on Irakin uusi presidentti?
What is the name of the new president of Iraq? ( Jalal Talabani )

Mink?§ niminen on kuvassa oleva veistos?
What is the name of the statue in the picture? ( Venus de Milo )

Mink?§ maalainen oli kuuluisa psykiatri Carl Jung? ( Sveitsil?§inen )
What was the nationality of the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung? ( Swiss )

Kuka yhdysvaltain presidentti perusti NASA:n?
Which US president created NASA? ( Eisenhower )

Kuka n?§yttelee Lara Croftia Tomb Raider elokuvissa?
Who plays Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies? ( Angelina Jolie )

Mill?§ nimell?§ tunnetaan paremmin Manfred von Richthofen?
How is Manfred von Richthofen better known? ( Red Baron )

Mist?§ vuodesta l?§htien on j?§rjestetty Wimbledon kisoja?
From what year has the Wimbledon competitions been hosted? ( 1877 )

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All questions researched by the fountain of knowledge - Jukka Luukkainen

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