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Quiz 9th November 2005

To see the answer to any of the questions, simply select the text between the brackets that follow the question.

Mik?§ kaupunki is?§nn??i vuoden 2012 olympiakisoja?
Which city is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games? ( London )

Miss?§ yhtyeess?§ David Evans soittaa kitaraa?
In which band does David Evans play guitar? ( U2, The Edge )

Mist?§ elokuvasta Kevin Spacey voitti ensimm?§isen oscarinsa? ( Ep?§illyt )
From what movie did Kevin Spacey win his first Oscar? ( The Usual Suspects )

Kuinka monta kertaa Lance Armstrong on voittanut Tour de Francen per?§kk?§in?
How many times has Lance Armstrong won Tour De France in a row? ( 7, 99-05 )

Min?§ vuonna kuvassa oleva n?§yttelij?§ kuoli?
In what year did the actor in the picture die? ( 2003 Picture – Telefone(1977), Helsinki>Moscow )

Mink?§ Afrikan maan p?§?§kaupunki on Dakar?
Which African country’s capital is Dakar? ( Senegal )

Mik?§ on maailman suurin ei-amerikkalainen autonvalmistaja?
What is the world’s largest non-american car manufacturer? ( Toytota )

Miss?§ NBA-joukkueessa Shaq O‚ÄôNeal pelaa nykyisin?
In which NBA team is Shaq O’Neal currently playing? ( Miami Heat )

Kuka tunnettu elokuvaohjaaja tuotti my??s 80-luvulla tv-sarjaa nimelt?§ Miami Vice?
Which movie director was also the producer of the 80s TV show Miami Vice? ( Michael Mann, 2006 the movie, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx )

Mink?§ maalainen on Hewlett-Packard yhti??? ( Amerikkalainen )
What nationality is the company Hewlett-Packard? ( American )

Mit?§ necrofobiasta k?§rsiv?§ ihminen pelk?§?§? ( kuolemaa, kuolleita )
What is a person suffering from necrophobia afraid of? ( Death )

Mik?§ on vanhin talli, joka kilpailee Formula 1:ssa?
What is the oldest team to compete in Formula 1? ( Ferrari )

Mill?§ nimell?§ kutsutaan skandinaavisessa mytologiassa hyv?§n ja pahan viimeist?§ taistelua? Ts. Armageddon
How is the final battle between good and evil called in the scandinavian mythology? ( Ragnarok )

Min?§ vuonna Yhdistyneet kansankunnat eli YK perustettiin?
In what year was the United Nations founded? ( 1945, referred to allies )

Kuka tennispelaaja on voittanut Wimbledonin miesten mestaruuden kolme kertaa per?§kk?§in?
Which tennis player has won the Wimbledon men’s championship 3 times in a row?
( Roger Federer )

Mihin tanskalaiseen kaupunkiin sijoittautuu Shakespearin Hamlet?
Into which Danish city is the Shakespeare’s Hamlet set? ( Elsinore / Helsingor )

Mik?§ yhtye julkaisi albumin nimelt?§ Supernatural vuonna 1999?
Which band released an album called “Supernatural” in 1999? ( Santana )

Mik?§ on Mel Gibsonin esitt?§m?§n roolihahmon nimi Tappava Ase elokuvissa?
What is Mel Gibson’s character‚Äôs name in the Lethal Weapon movies? ( Martin Riggs )

Mist?§ maasta tulee Sol-olut?
Which country does the Sol-beer come from? ( Mexico )

Mist?§ vuodesta l?§htien on j?§rjestetty Wimbledon kisoja?
From what year has the Wimbledon competitions been hosted? ( 1877 )

Kuinka korkea on Lontoossa sijaitseva Big Benin kellotorni metreiss?§?
How tall is the London’s Big Ben clock tower in meters? ( 96.3 m )

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All questions researched by the fountain of knowledge - Jukka Luukkainen

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