O’Connell’s Irish Bar

O’Connell’s is an honest-to-God Irish pub

in the beating heart of Tampere. Since 1996, we have been pouring the best pints and offering lively entertainment to those thirsty for a good time.

O'Connell's Irish Bar Tampere

Live Events

  • 18.07

    Bilingual Pub Quiz

    Every Wednesday!

    The 3 best teams win great prizes + a raffle prize is raffled out between the rest. Questions in English & Finnish!

    Starts at: 19:00

  • 19.07

    The YesFinland Improv Playground

    A monthly Improv Jam hosted by YesFinland’s House Teams!
    This new experiment provides an opportunity for players to develop new ideas, lets newer improvisers stretch their wings, and brings the community together to jam on stage in front of an audience of their peers.
    Come to watch! Come to play! Come to have a better day!

    Starts at: 20:00

  • 22.07

    The Hopinator Discount Sunday

    Every Sunday, we take our beloved hopinator and lower the prices by 2€ just for you good folk.

    Starts at: 18:00

Big Screen Events

  • 19.07

    Finland – Norway

    U19 European Championships, Football

    Starts at: 18:15

  • 20.07

    Turkey – France

    U19 European Championships, Football

    Starts at: 21:00

  • 22.07

    Portugal – Finland

    U19 European Championships, Football

    Starts at: 18:15

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until next St. Patrick’s Day Party

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