O’Connell’s Irish Bar

Meet the friendly faces from behind the bar:


We are the ones you can turn to when you are thirsty, hungry or have something else to ask.

Lost something?

We have a box for lost & found that is emptied every month when the items go to Pirkanmaan Löytötavara Toimisto: https://www.plt.fi/en/



Barman, stage tech, owner
simon [at] oconnells.fi

Starting at the bottom way back in ’97, Simon crawled up to the top by 2003 when he and Valtteri bought the place. Simon tries to make stuff sound good on stage and struggles to keep the taps stocked with top quality beer.



Barmaid, manager, owner
ansu [at] oconnells.fi

This dreaded lass joined the boys in 2006 and has been whipping them into shape thereafter. She liked the place so much, she bought herself a slice of the action in 2011 and hasn’t been laughing all the way to the bank since.


Chef, owner
waltsu [at] oconnells.fi

This old pro joined Simon on the frontline in ’98 and took over the ownership by his side in 2003. Valtteri keeps the grills warm and the arteries clogged with his mouth-watering cuisine as well as partaking in the occasional bar shift challenge.


Barmaid, publicist
mari [at] oconnells.fi

Mari was stolen away from a ‘competitor’ in 2007 and operates the social machinery of the bar as well as keeping the boys in line and the bar organised, especially the keg rooms! She’s often to be found mixing a drink or pouring a pint behind the counter too.




Salla did an internship back in 2012 and then forgot to leave. For a while she handled those extra shifts that popped up every now and again but these days she’s hanging around more often charming the punters with her killer wit and award-winning smile!



Chef de cuisine

riina [at] oconnells.fi

This fiery red-head took over the main responsibility for the kitchen now and keeps the pots from boiling over and the stock in check. She’s great with the shopping list as it was a sorry sight watching Valtteri trying to read the small print with two pairs of glasses. Also, she’s our head baker! When you have a question about food/catering, send her an email!

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